Men of culture and arts extend their unwavering support to President Ben Ali

(18/10/2004)-- President Ben Ali received from the men of culture and arts the message herein:

“ We, men of culture and arts, convened on the occasion marking the Culture Men Day, at the headquarters of the presidential electoral campaign under the slogan : “ Ben Ali, the Choice of Tomorrow's Tunisia”, express to Your Excellency our support for your candidacy in order that you can continue the avant-garde work and the great achievements aimed at implementing the aspirations of Tunisia in the New Era. We also express our pride for the huge strides performed by Tunisia under your guidance and reiterate our trust in the bases you have laid down for the building of a stronger and more powerful nation. We would also like to extend our deep gratitude and utmost esteem for the solicitude you have bestowed on the community of scholars and intellectuals, as well as to the vantage point granted to the world of culture and arts in your electoral program.

We, herein, reiterate our unwavering support for “Ben Ali”, as the best choice for the future”.

Long live culture, pillar of the Change

Long live Tunisia , oasis of peace and innovation

Long live President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali”