Religious men support Ben Ali's candidacy

(19/10/2004)-- Over 15 000 religious men, including imams and predicators, have issued a communiqué in which they voice their support to the candidacy of Be Ali and his electoral program.

This is the comprehensive text of this communiqué:

- Noting with pride the achievements realized in Tunisia of the New Era in several fields and various sectors which have led to the raising of the standard of living of all citizens,

- Considering with full responsibility and utmost awareness the content of the electoral program which will allow Tunisia to enjoy further achievements, while remaining deeply rooted in its cultural setting and opened up onto its modern epoch,

Affirm, in compliance of our religious and national duty, our steadfast moral and civic commitment to:

- to work with determination and abnegation in order to highlight the achievements and the right choices performed by President Ben Ali,

- to be many and the first on the 24 th of October in order to reiterate our unconditional support for President Ben Ali and to allow him to go ahead with his successful project in Tunisia.