Headquarters activities

The Headquarters activities

The electoral campaign Headquarters

(21/10/2004) Female students at the electoral campaign headquarters



(20/10/2004) Researchers support group visit the campaign headquarters : The Knowledge Society with Ben Ali for the sake of Tomorrow's Tunisia


(20/10/2004) Kairouan Students Support visit to the campaign headquarters


(19/10/2004) Association's meeting  


(18/10/2004/) Artists and men of culture: all for Ben Ali and tomorrow's Tunisia


(17/10/2004) Athletes with Ben Ali for tomorrow's Tunisia


(15/10/2004) A group of handicapped and elderly people at the headquaters of the President's campaign


(12/10/2004) Students participate in a discussion forum: Students views on President Ben Ali's electoral program


(12/10/2004) Students support President Ben Ali's candidacy


(12/10/2004) The governorate of Ariana voices its support for President Ben Ali's candidacy


(12/10/2004) El Menzah, La Marsa and Le Bardo express support for President Ben Ali's candidacy  


(11/10/2004) The Higher Veterans' council supports President Ben Ali's candidacy