Special day

Electoral Caravan

As part of President Ben Ali's electoral campaign in the regions, an electoral caravan has been travelling through the country from north to south since October 11.


(18/10/2004) In Monastir
As part of the Presidential election campaign, Mr Chedly Neffati, Democratic Constitutional Rally (RCD) Politburo member and Minister of Social Affairs and Solidarity has chaired an open day forum in Monastir.

(17/10/2004) In Mahdia
Under the slogan of "Ben Ali for Tunisia of tomorrow", the two cities of Mahdia and Monastir celebrated the presidential campaign day in a climate of utmost joy and merriment.

(16/10/2004) In Kairouan
The open day held in Kairouan on October 16, 2004 and chaired by Mohammed Raouf Najjar, Minister of Education and Vocational Training, offered once again to the citizens of the region the opportunity to express, in a festive atmosphere, their unwavering support to president Ben Ali.

(14/10/2004) In Tunis I
Mr Iyadh Ouederni, director of the cabinet of the President and member of the presidential election committee, presided over an outstanding day held in Tunis 1 on October 14 th , 2004 . The vent was attended by a large crowd of men and women who chanted slogans to support the candidacy of President Ben Ali.

(14/10/2004) In Ben Arous
In mass rallies that confirmed the adoption, by the nation, of the political choices put forth by President Ben Ali, Mr Abderrahim Zouari, member of the Politburo, Minster of Tourism and handicrafts presided over several popular meetings held in Ben Arous within the framework of t the presidential electoral campaign.

(14/10/2004) In Béja
Mr Abdelaziz Ben Dhia, RCD Politburo member, and State Minister Special Advisor to the President of the Republic and Official spokesman of the presidency of the Republic, chaired an open day hosted by the governorate of Béja as part of President Ben Ali's electoral campaign.

(14/10/2004) In Gafsa
On the occasion of the open day organized in Gafsa, Mr. Mohammed Nouri Jouini, Minister of Development and International Cooperation, chaired in Gafsa tribune an open talk on the 12 th Clause of President Ben Ali's electoral program.

(13/10/2004) In Kasserine
On the occasion of the open day organized in Kasserine, Mr. Sadok Chaâbane, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Technology, chaired an important meeting in the Cultural Complex in the presence of immense crowd of citizens and militants.

(12/10/2004) In Sidi Bouzid
Mr Sadok Rabah, Member of RCD Politburo and Minister of Communication technology and Transport, presided over the proceedings of the regional special day held in Sidi Bouzid, and notably the discussion forum about topic 10 of the presidential electoral program related to the agricultural sector.

(12/10/2004) In El Kef
A discussion forum about "A public service that tends to the needs of citizens and prepares for a new economy".
(11/10/2004) In Sfax
Mr Habib Ben Yahia, member of the political bureau of the RCD and Minister of Foreign Affairs, presided over a special day held on October 11 th , 2004 , in Sfax.

(11/10/2004) In Bizerte
Mr Abdelwahab Abdallah, member of the RCD Central Committee, and Minister Advisor to the President of the Republic, presided over a rally held in Bizerte on October 11 th , 2004.