Regional campaign

Regional Campaign

Sousse  : Farmers are grateful to Ben Ali
Mr. Amor El-Abed, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, and Water Resources, has spoken at a meeting organized in Sousse on the Democratic Constitutional Rally's localCDR (RCD) Coordination Committee and the Regional Union for Agriculture and Fisheries.

Rural women support day
Some 800 women-farmers representing all the governorates of the country participated in an exhibition of agricultural products. The economic event was intented as a token of support for President Ben Ali.

El Menzah sportswomen: faithful to Ben Ali
President Ben Ali's electoral campaign committee held a conference on health and sport at the El Menzah Youth Complex. The event underscored the remarkable achievements of women's sport in Tunisia under the leadership of President Ben Ali.

Women's day in Bizerta : gratitude and loyalty to Ben Ali
Under the pavillion set up by the electoral caravan and in the presence of a considerable gathering of people, the visitors unanimously expressed their attachment to the continuation of the country's political leadership as a guarantor for the success and prosperity of the nation.

Meeting at Gaafour : towards the future with Ben Ali with serenity and confidence
Mr Ali Chaouch, Secretary general of the Democratic Constituional Rally (RCD) Secretary General, presided over a meeting in Gaafour in the governorate of Siliana where he highlighted the importance of the upcoming legislative and presidential elections which represent a major leap towards democracy and pluralism.

Businessmen support Ben Ali's candidacy
The Tunisian Union for Industry, Commerce, and Handicraft (UTICA) organized on October 13 a meeting attended by businessmen, chairmen of UTICA 's regional branches as well as chairmen of chambers of commerce from all the governorates.

Support rallies are held around the country after campaign opening speech 
Members of the political bureau and the central committee of the democratic Constitutional Rally (RCD) and government ministers have been touring the country and chairing mass rallies in support of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's candidacy to the highest executive office.

Women's train mobilizes hundreds from North to South
Hundreds of Tunisian women have taken part in the activities organized around the electoral train which crossed the country from North to South in support of the candidacy of President Ben Ali.