Electoral village

Launching of the electoral village program

The venue of the electoral village is El Menzah sports complex. It consists of huge tents housing the 21 topics of President Ben Ali's electoral program as well as innumerable charts illustrating achievements accomplished in all fields.

Intense activity at the Electoral Village
(21/10/2004)-– A great number of citizens from all walks of life and generations kept on visiting the El-Menzah electoral village, which is composed of 21 tents covering the 21 topics of Ben Ali's electoral program.

Human Development is the very Essence of the Electoral Program
(19/10/2004)-–As part of its activities, within the framework of the discussion forum, the electoral village hosted, on October 19 th , 2004, e lecture given by Mr Sadok Chaabane, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technology, about “Redoubling national, efforts in the educational and technical fields and achieving the quantum leap in the scientific research and technology sector”.

The political dialogue tent
(17/10/2004)-- At the El Menzah electoral village, Mr Taoufik Baccar, Governor of The Central Bank of Tunisia spoke on topic 6 of the President's electoral program namely " a stronger growth and greater integration in a global economy".
Political Reform, a constant choice and a continuing process
(16/10/2004)-- In a joyful atmosphere and in a festive ambiance characteristic of tunisia 's Ramadan evenings, Mr Zouheir Mdhaffar, Director General of The National Institute for Strategic Studies, presided over a forum held at the El Menzeh sports complex.