In the Name of the people,

We, Habib Bourguiba, President of the Republic of Tunisia ,

Considering the decree of December 29, 1955 (14 Djoumada I 1375) establishing the Constituent National Assembly;

Considering the decision of the Constituent National Assembly of July 25, 1957 (26 Dhoul-hidja 1376); and

With the approval of the Constituent National Assembly;

Promulgate the following Constitution of the Republic of Tunisia , the content of which is as follows :


In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate


We, the representatives of the Tunisian people, meeting as members of the Constituent National Assembly, proclaim the will of this people, who freed themselves from foreign domination thanks to their strong cohesion and their fight against tyranny, exploitation and regression,

•  to consolidate national unity and remain faithful to the human values that constitute the common heritage of the peoples attached to human dignity, justice and liberty and who are striving for peace, progress and free cooperation among nations;

•  to remain faithful to the teachings of Islam, to the unity of the Greater Maghreb, to its membership of the Arab community, and to cooperation with the peoples who struggle to achieve justice and liberty;

•  to establish a democracy founded on the sovereignty of the people, and characterized by a stable political system based on separation of powers.

We proclaim that the republican regime constitutes :

•  the best guarantee for the respect of human rights, for the establishment of equality among citizens in terms of rights and duties, and for the achievement of the country's prosperity through economic development and use of the nation's riches for the benefit of the people;

•  the most effective way of protecting the family and ensuring the citizens' right to work, health care and education.

We, the representatives of the free and sovereign Tunisian people, do, by the grace of God, proclaim this Constitution.


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