Women's legal gains

•  The duty of obedience imposed on wives vis-à-vis their husbands was disposed of and replaced by the obligation for both spouses to treat each other with kindness and mutual respect

•  17-year-old minor girls are given the right, as soon as they marry, to manage their private lives and affairs.

•  Mothers are given the right to consent as regards the marriage of their minor daughters.

•  The mother who has custody of her children is provided with legal means enabling her to manage more efficiently the affairs of her children in case the divorced husband fails to assume his duty of guardianship, or in case he is absent or no longer has a known domicile.

•  Reinforcing certain legal provisions related to divorce, concerning in particular the transmission of the summons to appear and the notification of the judgment, and reviewing the system of conciliatory sessions.

•  Training judges in the field of human rights

•  Reviewing the legal provisions concerning alimony, in such a way as to guarantee the continuous payment of the alimony for minor children till they reach the age of majority or till they complete their studies. Girls continue to benefit from the alimony beyond the age of majority if they have no permanent income, until they get married.

•  Establishing the Fund for alimony and divorce annuity guarantee, for divorced wives and their children.

•  Devoting special provisions to conjugal violence, and considering the marriage tie an aggravating circumstance.

•  Allowing Tunisian women married to foreigners to grant their nationality to their children, without the need for these latter to be born in Tunisia , subject to the consent of the father. In case of the father's death, absence or legal incapacity, the mother's declaration will suffice to grant her nationality to her children.

•  Non-discrimination between men and women in the provisions of the Labor Code.

•  Establishing the system of joint ownership of property by spouses.

•  Establishing the right of the custodian mother to give her patronymic name to her children of unknown parentage.

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