An effective presence of women
in the promotion of human resources

•  Achieving equal opportunities at all levels of education.
•  99% of six-year old girls go to school.
•  51.5% of students in primary and secondary education are girls.
•  56.4% of students in higher education are girls.
•  A constant improvement of women's health indicators : Increase of the percentage of prenatal medical examination to 92%; decrease of the rate of maternal death in childbirth to 45 per 100,000 childbirths; women's life expectancy at birth has increased to 75 years.
•  Women's sports have been developed.
•  Pursuant to a presidential decision, the State bears the costs of the affiliation of women sports associations and their sections in sports federations.
•  The number of women sports teams has increased to 39.
•  45 women are members of federal bureaus.

in the development field

•  The percentage of women among the active population has increased to 25%; not including women's activity in the informal sector.
•  The number of women heads of economic enterprises amounts to 10,000.
•  Nearly 39% of beneficiaries from national employment programs are women.
•  The percentage of women-projects studied and financed by the mechanisms of micro-project funding amounts to 40% of all the projects.
•  Women benefit from 80% of the projects financed by the fund created to promote the handicrafts sector.
•  Decrease of women's unemployment rate to 15.3%
•  A considerable presence in the health sector :

* Pharmacists : 72%
* Active cadres : 60%
* Researchers in laboratories : 35%
* Doctors : 42%

•  27% of judges
•  31% of lawyers
•  13.3% of the members of the High Magistracy Council
•  40% of higher education teachers
•  34.4% of journalists

Reinforcing rural women's position

•  Establishing a national plan for rural women's promotion.
•  Establishing a presidential award for rural women's promotion.
•  Establishing a national committee for rural women's promotion.
•  Establishing 23 regional committees for rural women's promotion.
•  Establishing women development groupings to reinforce rural women's income sources.
•  Establishing a pilot center for rural women's promotion in Ain Beya, Fernana.

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