Voter Eligibility Requirements


Article 1

Suffrage is universal, free, direct and secret.


Article 2

All Tunisian men and women having completed twenty years of age, holding Tunisian citizenship for at least five years, enjoying their civil and political rights, and suffering no kind of disability provided for under the law, shall be eligible to vote.


Article 3 ( amended by organic law 88-144 of December 29, 1988 )

The following cannot be registered on the electoral roll :

•  Career military personnel and young recruits during their period of draft, as well as staff members of national security forces such as defined under article 4 of Law 82-70 of August 6, 1982, related to the general status of national security forces;

•  persons convicted of a crime;

•  Persons convicted of an offence having served an undeferred three-month prison sentence or a six and more months deferred prison sentence;

•  Non-rehabilitated bankrupts;

•  The mentally insane confined to specialized hospitals;

•  Persons benefiting from legal counsel services.


Article 4

Persons convicted of reckless offences, except in case of a concomitant failure to report the offence, shall not be prevented from registration on the electoral roll.

Article 5 - ( amended by organic law 2003-58 of August 4, 2003 )

No one shall be registered on more than one electoral roll. Voters registered on several electoral rolls must indicate, before the two weeks preceding the posting provided for in article 9 of the present code, their list of choice. Short of such an indication, their registration shall be maintained in the district where they were last listed, and they shall be removed from all other lists.


Permanent revision of electoral rolls


Article 6 ( amended by organic law 2003-58 of August 4, 2003 )

Electoral rolls are valid in a continuous way. They shall be permanently reviewed under the conditions provided for in the present code, on the basis of the lists established in accordance with the provisions of organic law 2002-97 dated November 25, 2002 , concerning the preparation of the system of permanent revision of electoral rolls.

They cannot be modified, except through removal from the electoral roll, according to the cases defined in articles 5 and 12 of the present code, or through addition, according to the provisions of the same code.

Electoral rolls shall be available at the seat of the district or of the sector in non-municipal zones where all voters can take cognizance of.


Article 6a ( amended by organic law 2003-58 of August 4, 2003 )

The electoral rolls of each district and of each sector in a non-municipal zone shall include :

•  Voters born in the district or sector ;

•  Voters whose actual place of residence is located within the district or sector;

•  Voters who have for two consecutive years prior to their registration paid a tax on goods or property located within the territory of the district or sector;

•  Non-resident voters who are professionally active within the district or sector and have expressed their intention to exercise their voting rights within the district or sector;

•  Voters who upon justification of wedlock have requested to be registered on the same electoral roll as their spouses.


Article 7 - ( amended by organic law 2003-58 of August 4, 2003 )

Tunisian diplomatic or consular missions abroad shall review the electoral rolls concerning Tunisians residing abroad and registered therein, according to the conditions and modalities provided for under the present code.

Any claims related to the establishment of electoral roll shall be communicated and duly investigated by the head of the diplomatic or consular mission in charge, who will subsequently decide on the distribution of voter cards.

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