The General Union of Tunisian Workers endorses President Ben Ali's bid for the October 2004 presidential elections

01/09/2004-- President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali received the following message from the Tunisian General Union of Labor (UGTT):

President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali,
President of the Republic,

Il is my pleasure to extend to you the greetings and feelings of consideration of the members of the UGTT national administrative commission, meeting in Tunis on August 31, 2004, to examine the issue of the presidential and legislative elections due to be held next October in our country.

The national administrative commission of the Tunisian General Union of Labor has decided, after a free and democratic discussion, to endorse your candidacy to the next presidential term and to call upon trade-unionists and workers to vote for you in implementation of this decision.

Mr. President,

The decision by the national administrative commission of the of the Tunisian General Union of Labor is only natural considering what the trade-unionists have received from you in terms of your support for the independence of the General Union of Tunisian Workers, your standing by the workers and being attentive to their concerns and aspirations, your continued promotion of social dialogue and consolidation of mutual-help and national solidarity.

This decision is a reassertion of the trade-unionists' support to the work of reform and renewal which you have engaged since the beginning of the Change, to ensure Tunisia's success in strengthening the country's invulnerability, consecrating democracy, establishing social justice and boosting the development process, so as to enable the country to reach the level of developed countries.

This decision constitutes also a recognition of the successes achieved by our country under your wise leadership in the various fields in a manner that has ensured the stability of our society and safeguarded the purchasing power of the workers, improved the living conditions of citizens, consolidated the achievements of Tunisian women. Such achievements have spared Tunisia the dangers of violence and extremism.

We look forward, with optimism, to your next five-year term as a term where additional accomplishments will be achieved towards anchoring freedoms, boosting our development effort and consolidating our people's social and civilizational achievements.

May God grant you success and guidance for the good of our people and country.

Abdessalem Jerad
UGTT Secretary General