President Ben Ali chairs political bureau of the RCD, preparations for next elections discussed

Tunis, 20 September 2004-- The political bureau of the Democratic Constitutional Rally Rally (RCD) met Monday afternoon under the chairmanship of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

The political bureau discussed the activities of the RCD, especially the ongoing preparations for next elections.

President Ben Ali stressed the need for good preparedness to the presidential and legislative elections at all levels and for all stages, so as to ensure the best of conditions for holding the elections in conformity with the electoral code and the modalities and regulations of the various stages of the elections.

President Ben Ali highlighted the importance of mobilizing the potentialities of the RCD, and the role to be played in this regard by cadres as well as members of the party. He also noted the dynamic activism of RCD cadres and their commitment to the success of this major national event.