This is a program designed for a new stage. This is also a program that lays the ground for subsequent stages and opens up new prospects for Tunisia and for the future of its young generations; a developed Tunisia which we want to be endowed with great cohesion, a strong associative fabric, a shining culture, and a solid economy; a developed Tunisia anchored in modernity and mastering modern technologies, scientific innovations, and new and innovative industries.

With our Program, we are further moving ahead on the path of progress and development, integrating our country within its international environment, consolidating our partnership with the European Union, and pursuing our action to build an effective Maghreb edifice, a strong joint Arab action, and an efficient pan-African cooperation.

Our program is for Tomorrow's Tunisia; Tunisia of the coming decades, a country endowed with modern, beautiful cities enjoying a healthy environment, with a modern network of roads, highways and communication means, with a complete infrastructure and an architecture built on the solid foundations of sound land-use and urban development. In the coming stage, such foundations will be outlined, their prerequisites studied and their future programs drawn up.

We are building the present and establishing the foundations for the future. We are making accomplishments, laying the ground for further achievements, and paving the way for our future generations.

Our Program's orientations and choices are drawn from the spirit of reform and modernization as well as from Tunisia 's new Constitution, and its principles and constant tenets are drawn from the values and principles of the Republic.

Our Program makes possible the accomplishment of further strides on the path of establishing democracy and pluralism, protecting human rights, promoting the sense of citizenship, reinforcing the opportunities of participation for all citizens, and strengthening local democracy, all within a context of rule of law, freedom, security and justice.

Our Program's concepts and elements constitute strong foundations in the process of building the knowledge-based society, establishing the new economy, promoting free initiative, further reinforcing employment-our top priority, promoting the private sector, creating enterprises and conquering foreign markets.

Our Program materializes our fundamental choices in preserving our food security, modernizing our agriculture and protecting the environment.

Our Program serves our strategic priorities, such as the sector of water, new and renewable energies, the fight against desertification and the preservation of our natural resources.

Our Program is a program for all, aimed to improve the quality of life and to make headways on the path to well-being. It also aims to further reinforce equality and promote the rights of women.

It is a program for youth, for children, for all social categories, reinforcing the gains of the middle class in society and offering support to categories with special needs. It is also a program for the men and women of Tunisia abroad.

It is a program that confers high value on our noble principles, accords special importance to the values of solidarity, work, participation, volunteering and associative life, and provides particular attention to society's basic unit: the family. It is a program for a society of moderation and tolerance; a program for each and every Tunisian man and woman; a program for Tunisia , for its future, invulnerability and glory.

It is a working program we choose as we renew our commitment together in the presidential election of October 24, 2004.

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