My Electoral Program

List of Topics :
01. Employment is always my priority
02. Greater opportunities for success for pupils and students
03. Research and innovation to meet the current challenges
04. A higher pace of enterprise creation and a new impetus for exports
05. A propitious ground for the building of the knowledge-based economy
06. A quicker growth and a greater integration within the global economy
07. A modern banking and financial system, moving towards the full liberalization of the Dinar
08. A modern infrastructure for a new economy
09. Regions represent active development centers
10. Toward a modern agriculture and a better income for farmers
11. An administration in the service of the citizen prepares for a new economy
12. A renewed approach to solidarity
13. Better living standards
14. A higher income for citizens and a greater protection for
15. For the quality of life and more beautiful cities
16. Women : from equality to active partnership
17. A youth preparing for a promising future
18. Tunisian abroad : civilizational bonds and a source of support for development
19. A culture for all, encouraging creativity and keeping up with globalization
20. A higher level of integration within our international environment
21. Political reform : a firm choice and an ever-continuing process.
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