Employment is always my priority

• Increasing the limit of the credits granted by the Tunisian Solidarity Bank
• Simplifying the procedures for the creation of individual enterprises
• A special program to enhance employment in handicraft specialties
• Increasing the limit of micro-credits
• A micro-credit development association in each Delegation
• An additional effort for the identification and financing of novel professions such as the “neighborhood occupations”
• An immaterial industrial space in each Governorate
• An integrated system to identify the potential employment capacities of each region.

  Greater opportunities for success for pupils and students

• A better ratio of teaching staff per student and greater efficiency
• An average ratio of one teacher per 18 pupils in the first cycle of basic education; one teacher per 17 pupils in the second cycle of basic education; and one teacher per 15 pupils in the secondary education
• A classroom for each 22 pupils in primary schools in 2009; and one classroom for each 25 pupils in the final year of secondary education
• Total elimination of the school drop-out phenomenon in the first cycle of basic education by the year 2009
• Full generalization of pre-school classes by the end of 2009
• Physical education in all primary and pre-school institutions
• Teaching at least two foreign languages starting from primary school
• One computer for each classroom in each cycle of education in 2009
• Completing the establishment of all the foundations of the virtual school by the end of 2009
• Providing the textbooks of compulsory subjects of the third and fourth grades of secondary education in digital formats
• A national program to improve the learning conditions in all our educational establishments
• A greater role to the regions in school life, and a more effective partnership between the school and the environment
• A new stage in the process of promoting higher education
• 1,000 options for students in 2009
• Increasing the number of students in promising fields with a high potential of employability
• A new phase for the virtual university by the year 2009
• Doubling the number of joint degrees between our universities and foreign universities by the end of 2009
• An Intranet system for higher education by 2009
• A special plan to facilitate the mobility of students for purposes of encounters, leisure and internal tourism
• A university medical center in each university by 2009
• Meeting the challenge of quality and keeping up with changes in the field of vocational training
• Increasing the number of participants in continuous training programs to 300,000 by the end of 2009
• A more efficient financing system for vocational training : Establishing the system of advance taxation and the Drawing Rights System
• Establishing the vocational training cheque
• New links between the education and training systems
• Additional vocational training tracks and prospects in order to facilitate the incremental acquisition of skills
• A vocational training system guaranteeing the right of trainees to obtain recognized diplomas.

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