For Tomorrow’s Tunisia

We are working for a modernist Tunisia . We are forging ahead on the path of promoting our country to the rank of developed nations. The forthcoming presidential election, scheduled for October 24, 2004 , will, therefore, constitute an opportunity to renew our commitment to pursue with the men and women of Tunisia the process of accomplishments and gains at all the political, economic, social and cultural levels.

We are making firm strides towards establishing the Republic of Tomorrow . We are consolidating the rule of law in light of the values and principles of the Republic. We are reinforcing the practice of democracy and further anchoring pluralism in all aspects of political activity. We are promoting human rights and expanding public and individual freedoms.

We renew our commitment to all Tunisian men and women, from all generations and social categories, and in all regions, to meet the challenges of the new century and of globalization, and to achieve further successes and results in addition to those accomplished by our country at all levels.

We renew our commitment to continue our endeavour as an emerging country that is moving ahead.

We renew our commitment to realize Tunisia's aspiration for the better, an aspiration to be a country that completes building the information society and lays the foundations for a new solid economy ensuring a good quality of life for all its citizens; a creative and innovative country boasting a shining civilizational heritage, a country whose society embraces the principles of cooperation, solidarity, cohesion and tolerance, leaves no room for exclusion and marginalization, and rejects fanaticism, extremism and hatred.

For the sake of our beloved and invulnerable Tunisia we strive and sacrifice. And for tomorrow's Tunisia and its youth and future generations, we have drawn up this program.


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