Main objectives of the Tunisian diplomacy

•  The edification of the Arab Maghreb Union as a strategic choice. President Ben Ali has brought a decisive contribution to the creation of the Arab Maghreb Union and has ceaselessly striven to concretize and energize the Maghrebi integration process.

•  The strengthening of the bonds solidarity and friendship as well as of the consolidation of cooperation and common action within the Arab world. A testimony of this fact is the success of the Tunisian chairmanship of the 16th summit of the Arab League which elaborated a program of political, economic and social reforms to the benefit of the Arab world and its peoples.

•  The promotion of the peace process in the Middle-East as a way towards reaching a just and lasting settlement to the conflicts besetting the area.

•  The development of the bonds of cooperation with African countries, as well as the peaceful settlement of conflicts in the continent.

•  The realization of the objectives highlighted within the framework of the association agreement and of the free trade agreement with the EEC.

•  The strengthening of the Euro-Mediterranean solidarity along with the impulse given to the "5+5" dialogue during the First Heads of States and Governments Summit held in December 2003 in Tunis.

•  The setting up and consolidation of partnership and cooperation bonds with the American and Asian countries.



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