The child, tomorrow's citizen, has also received special attention. His rights have been preserved and reinforced. Institutions as well as follow-up mechanisms have been set up to implement and materialize his rights. Tunisia is thus one of the rare countries endowed with a Child and Infant Code.

Constant attention has been given to the more vulnerable social categories, so that no one feels excluded or marginalized, each member of society being considered first and foremost as a full citizen.

Within the same framework, special attention has been granted to guaranteeing the essential attributes of life: housing, health, education and work. The objective is always the building of a balanced and harmonious society.

A sustained economic growth

At the level of economic reforms, President Ben Ali has undertaken several measures that have made it possible to free individual enterprise, boost market mechanisms, open up the economy on the outside world, diversify the production sectors, and to provide the economy with a greater efficiency and an improved capacity to resist external shocks.

Since 1987, GDP growth rate has been around 4.5% (with a significant improvement last year: 5.6% in 2003), to wit: it was only 2.4% during the period 1982-1986.

This performance took place within a context of stabilization of the macro-economic framework and consolidation of overall balances as is reflected in the inflation rate which has been lowered to 2.7% while it ranged above 8% in 1987, as well as the reduction of the current deficit of the balance of payments and of the state budget, which has led to a significant improvement of the debt rate. All of this testifies to the scope of the progress accomplished since November 7th, 1987 .

The figures concerning the management of the debt and of the budget are just as eloquent.


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