New technologies: the highways of modernity

President Ben Ali has been the initiator of several measures meant to optimize the benefits that both the internet and the new information technologies can bring to the sectors related to economic activity and to education and research.

•  A qualitative change took place in the garnering of communication technologies and in the revolution in computer science. More than 1500 engineers and qualified technicians with a specialization in computers and telecommunications, are trained yearly.

•  A wide-scope initiative was launched in order to connect economic enterprises and tertiary institutions to the web. All of the Universities and research institutes are currently connected to the web, as well as intermediate and secondary schools. All of the schools will be connected in 2006.

•  Since 1987, the communications sector witnessed a growth of 15% (more than 22% in 2003).

•  With more than 700,000 internet users, the country is now one of the best connected countries in Africa and in the Arab world. The country is also one of the main software exporters in the area. The El Ghazala technopark is one among 48 others situated in technologically advanced countries.


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