Women: equality and participation

During the same period of time, several steps were taken to strengthen the status of women based on an effective partnership with men.

Participation rate of women in public life

Today, the Tunisian woman plays a primary role in the development process. Fully enjoying her rights, the Tunisian woman has demonstrated her sense of responsibility and her perseverance along that road through her unflinching quest for knowledge, a field in which she has distinguished herself, as shown by statistics in all of the stages in education. Girls are schooled within the same proportions as six year-old boys (99% in primary education). They represent 52.4% of the secondary school population and 56.4% of all university students.

As a testimony to this state of affairs, is the accession of the Tunisian woman to the different sectors of labor, production and investment, as well as her capacity to rely on her own potential in order to improve her situation, and her commitment to fully take advantage of the programs set up by the state for her.

Facts on Tunisian women

Manufacturing industries 37.2%

Fishing and agriculture 23.4%

Education, health administration 21.1%

Services 39.2%


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