Cultural life: A new dynamism

The Tunisia of the Political Change has opened the way to the men and women of culture by showing special concern and by encouraging the various cultural sectors so that they can efficiently contribute to the changes that the country is witnessing, now that it has embarked with ambition and optimism in a new century.

Thus, several steps were taken in order to promote the following sectors: book publishing, cinema, theatre as well as various artistic fields initiating at the same time a new approach to things cultural. One that turns culture into an effective productive element and a lucrative sector, that far outreaches that of mere consumption product. 1% of the state budget is devoted to culture and the men and women of culture have been provided with an appropriate social security scheme. This effort, has allowed Tunisia to make a qualitative leap in these fields and has granted the Tunisian cultural production a noticeable presence on the international scene. This radiating cultural production is called upon to increase even further, with the new grand projects launched by the President, namely, the creation an industrial cinematographic pole in Gammarth (North of Tunis), as well as the building of a Culture Palace in Tunis .


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