• The Political Bureau of the Democratic Constitutional Rally (RCD) issued a statement on September 3, 2004, entitled “With Ben Ali, for the glory and prosperity of Tunisia.”

In this statement the Political Bureau of the RCD expressed “its great pride in the total and spontaneous popular support of Tunisian citizens, men and women, as well as of national organizations and all the components of civil society, for the candidacy of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. This best illustrates the attachment of Tunisians, men and women, inside the country and abroad, to the architect of the Change and the hero of November 7th, the savior of the country, and the builder of the Republic of Tomorrow.”

The political Bureau for the RCD added, “At a time when Tunisia moves forward, with firm steps, on the path of reform, modernity and democratic and civilizational endeavors, within a world marked by deep transformations and great challenges, the Political Bureau expresses its conviction that President Ben Ali’s leadership of Tunisia constitutes the best guarantee to meet national challenges and the ambitions of the people, and to consolidate the status of Tunisia among the nations of the world. “

“On this great historic occasion, the Political Bureau renews the expression of loyalty of RCD members, men and wunwavering commitment, faithfulness and loyalty to Tunisia, in order to preserve the invulnerability and sovereignty of the country.” Full Text

  • The Social Democratic Movement (MDS), one of Tunisia 's opposition parties, announced on August 19, 2004 its decision to endorse the candidacy of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to next presidential elections.

The party said, in a statement it issued in this regard: “Based on the tenets of the Social Democratic Movement which has always put national priorities on top of party priorities, and considering the profound transformations which have shaken the world since the September 11 events, and acting in support for the major role assumed by Tunisia in the promotion of comprehensive reform in the Arab world, the Social Democratic Movement, being the country’s second political party, has decided to contribute in the next pluralistic elections scheduled for October 24, 2004, by the endorsement of the candidacy of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to these elections so that he continues the implementation of the November 7th project.”

“Our movement has supported this project which was at the basis of its endorsement of the candidacy of President Ben Ali in the 1989, 1994 and 1999 elections. Today, it endorses the candidacy of President Ben Ali so that he completes building democratic pluralism and ensures the accession of Tunisia to the rank of developed and advanced nations relying on the country's own resources .” Full Text

  • Mr Ahmed Inoubli, secretary general of the Democratic Unionist Union (UDU) , one of Tunisia 's opposition parties, called upon Tunisian voters in general and members of his party in particular to vote for President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in the next presidential elections scheduled for October 24, 2004 .

He said this stand emanates from the belief of the UDU in the efforts devoted by President Ben Ali to boosting the democratic process and achieving social and economic development, and hence demonstrating that he is the most able candidate to meet such objectives and maintain the stability and invulnerability of the country.