Today, Tunisia maintains a more stable democratic system of government, and a steadily increasing middle class. The country continues to make every effort to broaden its political debate.

Hon. Earl F. Hilliard of Alabama in the House of Representatives

"I pay tribute to President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali for his commitment to back up all forms of democracy and human rights".

Leader Nelson Mandela

"Spain follows with great satisfaction all the innovating efforts deployed under the guidance of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to ensure the emergence of a fully integrated multi-party regime through the implementing of a series of channels and structures devised to help respect human rights and publics liberties".

King Juan Carlos 1 st of Spain

Today, the Republic of Tunisia continues to make important progress toward democracy by broadening political debate, advancing social programs, developing economic programs encouraging privatization of the banking and financial sectors, and improving the quality of life for its people.

Tunisian citizens enjoy universal suffrage, and the nation is considered to be a leader among Muslim nations in safeguarding the rights of women and children. Further, Tunisia has acted as leader and catalyst for peacekeeping missions in suffering countries, contributing military contingents to operations in Cambodia , Somalia , the Western Sahara and Rwanda . Tunisia has also been a voice of moderation in the Arab-Israeli peace process and has called for greater international efforts to fight terrorism.

Tunisia has been a model for developing countries. It has sustained remarkable economic growth, and undertaken reforms toward political pluralism.

Hon. Ken Bentsen of Texas in the House of Representatives

"I am fully aware of the fact that, by renewing and enriching the democratic process in Tunisia, President Ben Ali has resumed the democratic tradition in the country".

Mr Leopold Sédar Senghor, Former Senegalese President

"Tunisia, which has been performing remarkable progress at the economic and social levels, can be considered as a model to be followed in many respects. I am really impressed with the great achievements performed in Tunisia".

Prince Albert, Prince of Monaco

"He is the genuine militant man who has managed, thanks to his political experience and his shrewed clear-sightedness to lay the bases for a successful process which has allowed Tunisia to leave the ranks of developing countries and become an emerging country where life is more comfortable than in most of the remaining countries".

Mr Bertrand Delanoye, Senator and Mayor of Paris

"Tunisia has managed to achieve a well-balanced development process that has come as an obvious result of the bold and reformist policy. This policy has started bearing fruits thanks to the various achievements and great progress performed in various fields, and notably in the social and economic areas ".

Mr George Sampao, President of Portugal

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